Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau - Washington DC

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Prof. Dr. Heba Saad, Cultural Attache and Director of ECEB welcomed Dr. Louise Bertini; the Executive Director of the American Research Centre in Egypt (ARCE), and Dr. Fatma Ismail; Director of US Outreach and Program to discuss how to strengthen the relationships and widen the cooperation Between ARCE and ECEB. The discussion focused on the role of ARCE in Egypt and the upcoming programs and future goals.

The Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau welcomed a visit of the international office of The University of Mississippi on 10th June. Dr. Heba met Jean Robinson, Director of Global Engagement, Blair McElroy, Senior International Officer of Global Engagement, and Whitney Sarver, Director of the Language program. The meeting aimed to discuss the aspects of collaboration between Egyptian Universities and the University of Mississippi.

Dr. Heba Saad, director of the Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau organized 2 Info sessions on 30 May and 6 June to introduce the Egyptian Universities, their programs, and how to apply for “Study in Egypt”.

Meeting with Dr. Ahmad Yousef at Ohio State University on 5th June to discuss the potential collaboration venues with Ohio State University and the Egyptian Universities.